On the classification of bounces

Delivering large volumes of email can be difficult. Properly handing the bounces can be even more challenging. To decode, analyze and classify the hundredths of different bounce mail formats is a complex task. To give you an idea what you might encounter, here are some examples of bounces: 421 4.7.1 Intrusion prevention active for [X.X.X.X] […]

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Postmastery launches the world’s first specialised Email Systems Integrator

Willem Stam and Maarten Oelering of Postmastery are launching Postmastery as the world’s first specialised Email Systems Integrator for email businesses. Postmastery’s Email Systems Integrator helps senders by creating the optimal conditions for email marketing and transactional email. It does this by optimising existing infrastructure and by providing new cost effective solutions using best-of-breed components. […]

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Why I chose a commercial grade MTA

For sending emails, there is a wealth of solutions. On the open source side, there is Sendmail, Qmail, Exim and Postfix. Then there are a number of commercial MTAs available, at different price levels. The most well known vendors are Message Systems, Port25 and StrongMail. Postfix is a popular open source MTA thanks to it’s […]

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