Email Auditor

Email Auditor provides extensive analysis of your email performance against industry best practices

Email Auditor helps ensure your campaigns adhere to industry standards, identify areas for improvement, and offer suggestions for immediate deliverability improvements.

Free assessment - Takes 5 minutes

Trusted by companies where every email counts

Testing your email campaigns for potential issues that can prevent successful delivery is essential. By extensively testing every single email, Email Auditor helps identify and solves problems earlier.

  • detects mailserver
  • configuration issues
  • essential sender reputation testing
  • validate SPF/DKIM authentication
  • verify mail headers
  • ensure proper DMARC compliance
  • verify correct MIME encoding
  • extensive content scanning
  • every link and image is tested
Seed address - Email Auditor Reports

See why you're not hitting the inbox

Other tools only say if your email went to the junk or the inbox. We tell you why and how to fix issues.

Pre-flight your emails for smarter sending compliance

Send test emails to your seed address and solve errors before sending to your entire list.

Auto-audit all your campaigns

Post-flight your campaigns by adding your seed account to your mailing lists.

The weakest sender


Email Auditor provides tests for every campaign sent from your MTAs. Aggregate reporting allows you to quickly identify senders who are not following best practices and take steps to reduce risks for other customers.

Raymond Bakken

Raymond Bakken | Partner at

"Postmastery Email Auditor allows proactive delivery monitoring
instead of troubleshooting afterwards."


See all your campaign's emails at once and identify any issues with ease. Spot the campaign that needs attention immediately and take care of it before it's too late.

Email Auditor - one dashboard to view problematic campaigns

Email Auditor checks on major blacklists


There are a number of DNS blocklists, but only a few of them are checked regularly by service providers. EmailAuditor will check your IP against the most important DNS blocklist zones.


The IP address and hostname that identify the source of the connection are verified using the DNS. EmailAuditor checks KPIs like reverse DNS (PTR) record, forward DNS (A) record and usage of TLS.

Validate reverse DNS & TLS

Pre-flight checks • Post-flight monitoring • Easy-to-follow reporting.
Get actionable instructions to fix issues and support from the world’s best email engineers.

Postmastery Console offers holistic email fitness reporting

The four modules of the console use 'relevant-only-data', to monitor and tune your email performance.

Delivery Analytics

Reputation Monitor

Email Auditor

Email Auditor

DMARC Reports