"The Postmastery delivery analytics product has been invaluable and provided insights we have never had on our delivery. Postmastery was easy to work with and rapidly adjusted to our evolving needs."

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Jeremy Syme | Bluetooth SIG

Delivery Panic, April 2016 (another day at the office)

"I just wanted to thank Postmastery. They have really come through for me, and they are extremely professional and competent."

Graham Covington | Engaging Networks

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mail poet

"We're able to monitor the delivery of emails for thousands of our users. We've been able to reach a global delivery rate of 98% solely thanks to Postmastery."

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Kim Gjerstad | Partner at MailPoet

"All support staff now has access to transactional email intelligence instead of only the MTA sysadmin."

Remco Groen | Tripolis Solutions


"Between all our partners, I can honestly say that working with Postmastery is gratifying, indeed."

Ricardo Fraile | Idealista

"I was hunting a spammer on a shared pool for days. Postmastery’s Delivery Analytics helped me identify the spammer in two minutes."

Baris Egin |


"An excellent training session and consultancy which brought together the high level PowerMTA functions and bespoke consultancy together in perfect synergy."

Zacharias Cowen | Deliverability Engineer at Pure360

"Postmastery's delivery analytics dashboard allows pro-active delivery monitoring instead of troubleshooting afterwards."

Raymond Bakken | Produktmanager & Partner at

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"Finally a dashboard that is really geared towards those in
the deliverability industry and that is able to manage my email logs"

Director Deliverability at 14 West

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