DMARC: protect your brand from spoofing and phishing

  • Postmastery provides knowledge and expertise to get fully DMARC operational.
  • Postmastery's DMARC deployment tools can help with processing reports and checking DNS records.
  • Postmastery helps you take difficult decisions, for example on DKIM key management and DMARC policies.
  • After DMARC deployment, we can assist you in implementing BIMI to get visibility for your brand in the recipients' mailbox.

Postmastery offers various DMARC & BIMI services & tools. Looking for assistance?

What is DMARC?

DMARC tells a receiver what to do when authentication is missing or failing for a specific From: header domain. DMARC should primarily be seen as a security measure for senders vulnerable to spoofing and phishing. In addition, DMARC compliant senders are rewarded with email delivery preferences at top tier providers such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.

Read more about DMARC policies and BIMI on our BLOG.

Compliance Testing

With EmailAudit, Postmastery provides a free service that evaluates your emails according to several authentication systems and more. Just send an email message from the domain you wish to check, and a report will be sent back.

We look at:

  • Server configuration
  • SMTP envelope
  • SPF authentication
  • Mail header fields
  • DKIM authentication
  • DMARC compliance

Each aspect contains several checks. The results are very detailed and show the source of the problem. No guesswork is needed to fix issues!

Report Processing

As soon as a DMARC record is published in your DNS, ISPs will start sending you XML files with information on whether messages are passing or failing.

Postmastery offers a DMARC reporting tool to retrieve the XML reports from a mailbox and convert them into easy to read online overviews. The basic pass/-fail data from the ISPs are enriched with valuable information to assist senders in the DMARC analysis and monitoring process.

BIMI Implementation

Postmastery’s DMARC and BIMI deployment service pack offers full implementation of DMARC and BIMI on one or more domains.

We follow these seven steps.

  1. Baseline measurement: publish a DMARC record with the -none- flag set for the policies, which requests data reports.
  2. Identify legitimate email sources and compliancy issues.
  3. Provide guidance in fixing compliancy issues (authentication, alignment).
  4. Real-time check of the reports to monitor progress.
  5. Move to quarantine or reject policy.
  6. Implement BIMI to enrich recipients' mailboxes.
  7. Continuous monitoring via Postmastery's DMARC reporting tool.

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