Finally, all your email analytics in one console

Gather consolidated email delivery data in a single email analytics dashboard.
A clearer picture of what's really happening, enabling smarter decisions about your email delivery.


  • check No Samples: scan 100% of sends, ensure every message is delivered.
  • check Analyse real-time MTA logs or ESP event data to easily identify areas for improvement.
  • check Filter and narrow data to pinpoint issues faster & more accurately.
  • check All email health metrics consolidated. Save time with like-for-like reports.
  • check Holistic insight identify issues by list, campaign, IP, domain or ISP.
  • check Real-time block, bounce, throttling insight so you can resolve issues faster.
  • check Tailored critical event alerts make proactive deliverability a reality.

Delivery Analytics

  • grade Provides insight into your email delivery KPIs by analyzing MTA log data or ESP event data in real-time.
  • grade No Sampling — we scan 100% of your sends.
  • grade Filter and narrow down your data to discover exactly what needs to be fixed.
  • grade Consolidated email health metrics for multiple domains and IPs.
  • grade Isolates issues by contact, list, campaign, IP, domain and ISP.
  • grade Real-time insights on blacklists, bounces, bounce categorizations, throttling and more.
  • grade Set up alerts to stay on top of critical events.

Reputation Monitor

  • grade Provides a 360 view on the reputation of your IPs and domains from public and private data sources.
  • grade See your Sender Score and sender reliability on Hotmail, Gmail and other mailbox providers.
  • grade Get immediate alerts when your reputation is at risk.
  • grade Monitor bounce rate, delivery times, inbox placement, and blacklisting problems 24/7.
  • grade Check your IPs and domains against 31 IP blacklists and 16 domain blacklists, multiple times per day.

Email Auditor

  • grade Add a seed address to your mailing list to get deliverability reports for every email you send.
  • grade Send ad-hoc emails to your seed address for pre-flight checks.
  • grade See how your emails comply with standards and best practices.
  • grade Eliminate guesswork — fix deliverability issues with confidence.
  • grade Identify issues with: Server configuration - Sender reputation - SPF/DKIM authentication - Mail header fields - DMARC compliance - MIME encoding - Content aspects - Links and images

DMARC Reports

  • grade See your overall DMARC compliance level.
  • grade Identify all sources sending on behalf of your domain — legitimate or not.
  • grade Get domain-level and IP-level reports showing how DKIM and SPF are implemented.
  • grade Scans XML reports and makes them readable for humans.
  • grade Get a high-level view of your entire domain or drill down to see each sender and IP.

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One easy-to-use dashboard
One easy-to-use dashboard Save time with all your email analytics from multiple sources in a configurable dashboard.
Don't just analyze - understand Go from high-level aggregates to reports showing issues with individual emails.
Find and fix root problems
Find and fix root problems Filter data by sender, recipient domain, provider and sending IP in one place.
Be confident in your next steps Our knowledge base is extensive & constantly maintained. Your trusted source of clear direction.
Know when something goes wrong
Know when something goes wrong Track every campaign, domain and IP. Receive alerts automatically if issues are detected.
Less noise and false positives With visibility into everything, it's hard to know what really impacts sending. We warn you when it's time for action.

"We're able to monitor the delivery of emails for thousands of our users. We've been able to reach a global delivery rate of 99.5%."

Kim Gjerstad | Co-Founder - MailPoet

A unified, consolidated deliverability dashboard offering a holistic overview and granular reporting

  • check Track delivery problems, reputation issues, spoofing & phishing threats in one place. The fastest way to get a holistic overview of your email infrastructures fitness.
  • check To support you Postmastery provides access to an elite team of MTA engineers and email experts. With advanced knowledge of deliverability and email best practices.
  • check Simplify data-based decisions that increase your deliverability performance.

IP reputation warmup can be easy and quick

Cutting deployment from 24 months to 3 saving more than £100k as a result.
Daniel Thorpe | Head of Deliverability at Spotler Group