Email infrastructure set up

Email systems with best-of-breed software and hands-on services

  • Postmastery is unique in its focus on email delivery infrastructure consulting and its vendor independence.
  • Our role can be compared to a system integrator.
  • We help with infrastructure design and software selection using your needs as a starting point.
  • We set up and configure the system until it's ready to deliver emails according to all known best practices.

Do you need help to set up or integrate your email infrastructure?

Email Infrastructure set up

Whether you are a brand, a marketing agency, or an email service provider, we can help you find the right email solution. We have worked with all top tier MTA (mail transfer agent) vendors and various email marketing software vendors. Our set up services range from system design to tuning for mailbox provider policies. Our services will help you avoid the pitfalls and get started with a system that has all the technical prerequisites for optimal deliverability.

We also deliver on-premises systems turn-key, leaving you with nothing more to do than create your campaign. After the set up, our delivery monitoring and operational management services will help you maintain deliverability at the right level.

Experience with various top tier MTA's and front -end's

Powermta logo

Sparkpost's PowerMTA is proven software for high-volume email delivery and is used by many ESPs. It is designed for optimal performance, manageability and deliverability. Postmastery is a Sparkpost authorised global channel partner and a hands-on expert in PowerMTA.

Many of Postmastery’s clients use Postfix, one of the most widely used MTAs (mail transfer agent) and renowned for its security and open-source character. Postmastery fine-tunes the Postfix configuration and monitors its real time maillogs to optimise its email delivery. Postmastery does this for a wide range of senders.

ongage logo

Ongage offers an online email marketing front -end that is able to route emails to many different back -ends. You can mix and match different delivery service providers with your own on-premises email server.

mailpoet logo

Thousands of people use MailPoet every day to send newsletters without leaving WordPress. It is acclaimed by marketing experts from all sectors for its simple operating concept and great features.

Email Infrastructure Integrations

Postmastery developed various integration components for PowerMTA, Ongage and Mailwizz. Our latest component,
Sendgrid >< Postmastery's delivery analytics integration enables a smooth, real time injection of SMTP data into our monitoring dashboards.

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