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Postmastery offers PowerMTA users greater deliverability control

ESPs, deliverability pros, and high-volume senders trust Postmastery to ensure their PowerMTA´s send marketing and transactional emails that are always delivered.

PowerMTA for mission-critical email operations

PowerMTA is an ideal email delivery software for mission-critical sender operations. It offers high performance on commodity servers and allows for parallel delivery of multiple mail streams over many IPs from a single server. It also allows users a simple way to define and manage settings at global, provider, domain, IP, and pool levels, enabling them to comply with mailbox provider guidelines.

PowerMTA provides meaningful transaction data for each message that leaves the server, allowing users to understand why emails bounce and the response behind each recipient. PowerMTA also offers automatic backoff and IP warm-up, and it can integrate with reporting tools.

Lower CPMs for high-volume senders is often attractive to those migrating from cloud based solutions. ESPs that utilise PowerMTA include Spotler Group, Sitecore Moosend and others.

The Postmastery Console offers tight integrations with PowerMTA that ensure you can continually optimise your PowerMTA instances.

PowerMTA and the console


Why choose Postmastery as your PowerMTA email consultants?

There is no team with more experience working with PowerMTA in an enterprise environment. Our world renowned team of engineers led by Maarten Oelering are uniquely placed to ensure you maximise your deliverability.

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


With 200+ parameters, deploying PowerMTA gets overwhelming. Postmastery does it for you, meeting your email delivery requirements.

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


Specialists are ready to migrate your PowerMTA(s) to new on-prem hardware or cloud (AWS, Azure etc.)

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


Fix limited throughput, long delivery times, errors, retries and other provider-specific issues. Get PowerMTA sending at full potential.

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


Postmastery proactively manage and monitor all aspects of the MTA to ensure your emails are hitting the inbox.

Some of the reasons users select PowerMTA

Send more emails with a single server

A single PowerMTA can handle 1M to 3M messages an hour. Configure virtual MTAs to separate mail streams and IPs on a single server, and grow your sending volume.

  • High performance on commodity servers
  • Parallel delivery of multiple mail streams
  • Send over many IPs from a single server
PowerMTa single server

Optimize your sending at all levels

Define and manage your settings at global, provider, domain, IP, and pool levels. PowerMTA makes it easy to comply with mailbox provider guidelines.

  • Protect reputation with automatic backoff
  • Automatic IP warm-up
  • Global, provider, domain, IP, and pool level config

Get more data to analyze and fix your sending

See meaningful transaction data for each message that leaves your server. Understand why emails bounce and the response behind each recipient.

  • Process bounces and FBL reports
  • Send delivery events via webhooks
  • Integrate with reporting tools
Traffix view

Keep your reputation safe according to the latest standards

Build a fully compliant email operation. As a market leader, PowerMTA is always on top of the latest email standards and provider guidelines.

  • Customer DKIM
  • Double DKIM signing
  • Control over the use of TLS
  • Support for DANE

Who is PowerMTA for?

Email Service Providers

PowerMTA is trusted by renowned senders for its reliability and performance.

Large brands

You've outgrown your current setup and want to manage multiple IPs and domains at an affordable price.

Marketing agencies

You need to increase your sending and want a secure, reliable platform to manage your campaigns.


Postmastery is a bird.com, PowerMTA professional service partner and global reseller

Setting up your own mail transfer agent can be a daunting task. Postmastery will assess your business and suggest a setup that matches your sending volume and email marketing needs, at a price your company afford.

the only certified PowerMTA channel partner

How Bluetooth sends millions of business-critical emails with PowerMTA
"PowerMTA and Postmastery provided us with the ultimate Azure-based email solution. Fully managed with 100% visibility." 
Jeremy Syme | Program Manager at Bluetooth