We are experts in email systems and deliverability, helping senders create optimal conditions for sustained and improved results.

Email Infrastructure

Postmastery is unique in its focus on email delivery infrastructure and its vendor independence. Our role can be compared to a system integrator. We help with infrastructure design and software selection using your needs as a starting point. Then we setup and configure the system, until it's ready to deliver emails according to all known best practices. We also offer turn-key PowerMTA based email solutions for common use cases.

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Email Deliverability

Deliverability issues such as high bounce rates, increased delivery times, junk foldering, or blacklisting can have a serious impact on your business. Since deliverability is largely based on reputation, or behavior in the past, it's best to stay ahead of problems. Because mailbox providers keep tightening their filters senders also need to improve constantly. Postmastery provides a comprehensive deliverability assessment and works together with the sender to resolve issues and implement improvements.

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Email Delivery Analytics

Often deliverability issues are only discovered long after a provider started blocking or an IP was blacklisted. How nice would it be if you are alerted when your IP reputation drops or when delivery KPIs exceed certain thresholds? Postmastery provides a cloud based dashboard that empowers deliverability teams with automatic reputation alerts and interactive delivery performance reports.

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Email Delivery Monitoring

Many senders lack the expertise or the resources to look after the deliverability. Good postmasters are hard to find and may not be needed full time. Now you have the option to outsource the deliverability management to a team of experts. We partner with the sender, continuously monitoring the delivery and taking action when needed.

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