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Email Monitoring

Postmastery provides a platform and consultancy for professional email monitoring that goes far beyond the obvious ‘click & open’ statistics. The Postmastery tools allow you to monitor in detail the quality of your email delivery. Discover the truth about your bounce rates and achieve an immediate increase in sales. Contact us for more information.

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Email Tracking Analytics

Postmastery provides a cloud based dashboard that empowers email monitoring consultants with automatic reputation alerts and interactive delivery performance reports.

You can avoid IP blacklisting or blocking by email providers with automatic alerts when your IP reputation drops or when delivery KPIs exceed certain thresholds.

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Email Reputation Monitoring

High bounce rates, increased delivery times, junk foldering or blacklisting are serious problems in email marketing with impact on your business. Since reputation and behavior in the past are the main cause of these problems, it’s best to stay ahead of them.

As mailbox providers keep tightening their filters, you will constantly have to improve your email delivery. Postmastery provides a comprehensive platform for email reputation monitoring, resulting in measurable improvements.

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Email Infrastructure Design

Postmastery is unique in its focus on email delivery monitoring combined with complete independence from email service providers. This includes email infrastructure design and software selection based on your specific needs. Our experienced team will setup and configure the system, until it reaches the highest possible levels of email delivery. Beautiful KPI dashboards will allow you to constantly monitor and improve your email marketing performance.

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