Email deliverability; how much risk are you willing to take?

Bad performance of email marketing campaigns may result in getting blocked faster than you think.

Postmastery helps you to improve email deliverability, sender reputation and performance of marketing and transactional emails.

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Email deliverability issues

Email deliverability issues

How many of your emails are moved to spam folders, are delivered too late or not delivered at all? Email deliverability issues can be caused by database problems and bad content, but also by infrastructure shortcomings in the areas of delivery, authentication and reputation. Postmastery will show you exactly where problems occur, how to solve them and how to avoid even more serious problems in the future.

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Email Deliverability Monitoring

Postmastery provides a platform and consultancy for professional email monitoring that goes far beyond the obvious ‘click & open’ statistics. Postmastery’s platform processes SMTP delivery data from both on-premise mail servers and SMTP providers. It reads data from Microsoft SNDS, Return Path Sender Score and relevant blacklists. Users have access to real time dashboards and receive automatic alerts.

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Email performance

High bounce rates, increased delivery times, junk foldering or blacklisting are serious problems in email marketing with impact on your campaigns. Since reputation and behavior in the past are the main cause of these problems, it’s best to stay ahead of them.
Mailbox providers keep tightening their filters, so you will constantly have to improve your email delivery. Postmastery provides a comprehensive platform for email reputation monitoring, resulting in measurable improvements.

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For PowerMTA users

Port25’s PowerMTA is professional software for bulk email delivery. PowerMTA has extensive configuration capabilities, but are you sure you have implemented these correctly? Postmastery helps you to discover configuration errors, e.g. in DKIM signing, domainkeys signing, sender ID settings, SPF, DMARC encryption, remote bounce and feedback loop parsing. With Postmastery you will be able to use PowerMTA with even greater efficiency and to stay away from email blacklists.

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Increase sucurity with DMARC

Postmastery helps protect your brand with DMARC against spoofing and phishing. DMARC primarily is a security measure for mass email senders susceptible to spoofing and phishing. Additionally, DMARC compliant senders are rewarded with email delivery preferences at top tier email providers such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL. Postmastery supports you with the deployment of DMARC and with making difficult choices about DNS settings, DKIM key management and complex authentication issues.

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