This email deliverability test will check on the following aspects of your email:

  • Server configuration
  • Sender reputation
  • SPF/DKIM authentication
  • Mail header fields
  • DMARC compliance
  • MIME encoding
  • Content aspects
  • Links and images

Each aspect contains a number of checks. The results are very detailed and show the source of a problem.

No guesswork is needed to fix issues!

3 easy steps

  1. Enter your name and email address to receive the report. We will provide a one-time test address in the next step.
  2. Send an email as you normally would to the test address. You will receive a confirmation email when it’s received.
  3. When the test has finished, you will receive a second email with a link to our report with test results and suggestions.

The test will only take a few minutes.

Your data is safe with us. By using this free email deliverability test you give us permission to contact you once about Postmastery’s services.
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Reasons for testing the deliverability of your emails

Email deliverability generally stands for the ability to deliver emails to (subscriber’s) inboxes. People like email marketers use it to gauge the likelihood of email campaigns reaching their subscriber inboxes, related to actual delivery–like ISP, spam issues, throttling, bounces and bulk email.

Things that might hurt your email deliverability include: sending emails without custom authentication, sending with a free domain, using single opt-in, no possibility to unsubscribe, shortening URL’s in the email and a general lack of engagement by receivers receiving your mails.

As subscribers generally won’t notify you they are not receiving your mails, testings the deliverability of your mails is important. It will give you valuable insights into possible reasons for providers to block your emails or mark them as spam, handing you actionable opportunities for improvement that you could implement in order to optimize the deliverability of your mails.