It's not important what we think, so we collected some feedback from our customers.
Their opinions matter the most to us ...

Two components are required for an email solution: an 'email campaign front-end' and an email 'delivery back-end'.

After a successful Proof-of-Concept, both Bluetooth SIG and Postmastery determined that PowerMTA was the best option.


Delivery Analytics allowed us to better process our Postfix logs in real time and therefore to better analyse our issues.

Finally a dashboard that is really geared towards those in the deliverability industry and that is able to manage my email logs.


The BusinessWatch Network can stay one step ahead with a consolidated view of key email deliverability metrics.

Having a tool that contains so much information in one place, improved the open rate of all our customers by 17%.


Cutting deployment from 24 months to 3 saving more than £100k as a result.

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