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Postmastery offering to optimise GreenArrow Engine MTA and reduce overheads

We can assist senders of all sizes optimise and manage their deliverability with GreenArrow. Postmastery is ready to help you deploy and manage your GreenArrow MTA infrastructure to ensure your email deliverability is optimised for every send.

GreenArrow Engine offers a number of benefits for high volume email senders. The solution offers high-speed, high-volume email delivery, enhanced deliverability with automatically adjusted throttling, configuration options through API & UI or configuration files, delivery rate limiting, multiple IP support & flexible email routing, event delivery to HTTP webhooks, transparent click and open tracking, and bounce, spam, feedback loop, & other incoming message processing.

With powerful features, GreenArrow's MTA enables users to take control of their email deliverability and performance, and improve their email marketing campaigns.

ESPs deploying GreenArrow include WhatCounts, Zeta and Elite Email.

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The team at Postmastery have worked closely with GreenArrow and are experienced in assessing and ensuring deployments are optimised.

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


Postmastery engineers can eliminate bottlenecks and speed up having GreenArrow MTA ready for service. Get GreenArrow sending at full potential, faster and easier.

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


Our engineers review GreenArrow infrastructure and identify any bottlenecks slowing delivery, limiting throughput or generating other errors and provider-specific issues.

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


Postmastery proactively manages and monitors all aspects of your GreenArrow installation to ensure even more of your email reaches the inbox.

PowerMTA by Sparkpost


Our GreenArrow specialists are ready to migrate your GreenArrow MTA to new on-prem hardware or cloud instance (AWS, Azure etc).

A simple to deploy unified solution for enterprise senders

A single GreenArrow server can send millions of messages per hour.

  • High-speed, high-performance email delivery
  • GreenArrow's powerful Mail Transfer Agent delivers email quickly
  • Inject email through SMTP or HTTP API
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Delivery Charts

Monitor email delivery at-a-glance with Dynamic Delivery Charts

Review time-series graphing of your SMTP delivery in order to quickly pinpoint problems, see trends, and optimise your email delivery

  • Drill down by IP address, recipient domain, or throttle rule
  • Adjust throttle settings directly from reports

Configuration, your way, through API & UI or configuration files

Integrate key configuration in whatever way is best for your existing processes and systems. GreenArrow Engine doesn't hold you back.

  • User intuitive web-interface & complete API
  • Powerful NGINX-style configuration files
  • Easily synchronize multiple servers with configuration files

Bounce, spam, feedback loop, & other incoming message processing

Keeps your email list clean by removing bad email addresses and spam complainers

  • Removing spam complaints helps reduce future spam complaints and identify problem spots
  • Some bad email addresses turn into spamtraps if they are not removed
  • Categorizes spam complaints into 23 different reason categories

Who is GreenArrow for?

Email Service Providers

A number of ESPS rely on GreenArrow for sending capabilities. Let us know if you need a new MTA.

Large Brands

Large brands across the world rely on GreenArrow for its delivery and reporting functionality.

Marketing Agencies

Agencies love the ability to handle multiple IPs for clients and bounce management.

The team at Postmastery have worked closely with GreenArrow and are experienced in assessing and ensuring deployments are optimised.

GreenArrow preferred service partner