Meet Postmastery at various events and summits!

Postmastery Events: CSA summit 2019
CSA Summit 2019 (April 10 – 12)
Postmastery sponsors CSA, and we are pleased to again attend the CSA Summit 2019
in Cologne. CSA and Postmastery share a common objective: reliable and safe email
delivery. CSA enables this by providing a whitelist and related legal and compliancy
services. At Postmastery, we enable this common objective by providing expert level
email delivery optimisation services and email delivery monitoring tools.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Summit!

Postmastery Events: M3AAWG October 2019
M3AAWG in Budapest (July 2019) and Montreal (October 2019)
As a member of M3AAWG, we will travel to Budapest (June 2019) and Montreal
(October 2019) to meet delivery peers and to boost our knowledge on the latest
delivery insights.

Postmastery Events: PMTA summit 2019
3rd Annual Port25 European Summit in Amsterdam (17 Sept 2019)

Get a sneak peek into the future of PowerMTA. Join Postmastery at the
PowerMTA Summit 2019. Register here.

For more information, please contact us.

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