Postmastery launches the world’s first specialised Email Systems Integrator

Willem Stam and Maarten Oelering of Postmastery are launching Postmastery as the world’s first specialised Email Systems Integrator for email businesses. Postmastery’s Email Systems Integrator helps senders by creating the optimal conditions for email marketing and transactional email. It does this by optimising existing infrastructure and by providing new cost effective solutions using best-of-breed components. Postmastery has long experience in the email sending business, and its unique knowledge and technological applications mean that this is now becoming its core business. Postmastery is now the premier company offering businesses who send legitimate mass mailings customised support and technology.

Postmastery is led by CTO Maarten Oelering and COO Willem Stam, who both have over a decade of experience in the email industry. Oelering currently performs most of the technical duties while Stam mainly takes care of deliverability audits and project management.

Oelering explains: “The technical knowledge of sending email which we have built up in recent years is unique. We have gathered this extensive knowledge in our new Postmastery email business service so that we have an optimal basis from which to even better support our international clients”. Stam continues: “With our portfolio of services we have an excellent basis to assist ESPs as well as professional senders in their daily bulk email operations. We offer best-of-breed, cost effective, software solutions and the latest best practices in email deliverability.”

Postmastery have had a long relationship with Port25, and have worked with their PowerMTA software on a daily basis since 2003. Postmastery partners with Port25 in providing licences, integration services, local support, and optimisation services for PowerMTA.

Postmastery is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It works remotely for clients using modern communication technologies or, when required, on-site anywhere in Europe. Postmastery’s international client base includes Email Service Providers, marketing agencies and other professional email senders. Clients come from almost every sector world-wide – the only thing they all have in common is that they send legitimate email on a professional basis. Among its clients are AFAS Software (The Netherlands), RedCappi (United States), ClickDimensions (Israel), WRM-Media (UK) and Teneo Technologies (Malaysia).

For further information please contact us.

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  • Tel: +31202610438
  • Twitter: @Postmastery
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