Check the DNA of your
email against important
best practices.

What do we check?

We look at the following aspects of your email:

  • Server configuration
  • Sender reputation
  • SPF/DKIM authentication
  • Mail header fields
  • DMARC compliance
  • MIME encoding
  • Content aspects
  • Links and images

Each aspect contains a number of checks. The results are very detailed and show the source of a problem.

No guesswork is needed to fix issues!

3 easy steps

  1. Enter your name and email address to receive the report. We will provide a one-time test address in the next step.
  2. Send an email as you normally would to the test address. You will receive a confirmation email when it’s received.
  3. When the audit has finished, you will receive a second email with a link to our report with test results and suggestions.

The audit will only take a few minutes.

Your data is safe with us. By using the service you give us permission to contact you once about Postmastery’s services.
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