How Pure360 used Postmastery to reduce a data centre and MTA migration and email warmup time by 87%



"An email infrastructure migration of this size and scale would
simply not have been possible to expedite without the access
to the side by side views of consolidated data in the Postmastery
Reporting Dashboard"

Case study with: Daniel Thorpe
Head of Deliverability, Spotler Group

About Pure360 a Spotler Company

Based in the UK, the marketing technology company founded in 2001, in Brighton. Pure360 have worked with thousands of brands, many iconic such as innocent drinks, Bravissimo, Wagamama, PayPal and Occam. In November 2021 they were acquired by the Spotler Group a fast emerging leader in the expanding marketing technology category.

The Challenge for Pure360

Daniel needed to ensure the Pure360 infrastructure met the exacting standards of the Spotler Group as a result of the acquisition. Bringing the group expertise to bare with a view to improving the Pure360 user experience. As a result Daniel was tasked with migrating the Pure360 brand from bare metal PowerMTA servers at their incumbent data center to a cloud based solution with AWS.

This meant configuring new instances in the cloud, launching brand new IPs and migrating all traffic across to those new instances whilst optimising delivery and deliverability.

"Working with Postmastery Console made migration easy. With all
data going to Postmastery I had a side by side view in the dashboards of both platforms. The ability to drill down to individual clients and compare results.

ThorpeDaniel Thorpe
Head of Deliverability, Spotler Group

How do you look A vs B? What were the delivery times? Bounce Rates? I could tweak accordingly, enabling me to get the migration done in a fraction of the time it would have taken without the Postmastery Console.

When your requirements are complicated it is great to have friendly and knowledgeable delivery support."

Strategy, Goals and Results

Daniel outlined the two year plan of action for a platform migration of the Pure360 MTA’s from bare metal to the cloud and requested Postmastery provide support in this regard. With the aid of Postmastery Console and the professional services team the migration was successfully completed in less than 90 days. Saving internal resources plus over £100,000 in fee’s as a direct result of the expedited migration. An engineering review optimised message delivery. This project has evolved into Postmastery being involved in delivery support and monitoring across the entire group of Spotler companies. The Postmastery Console providing actionable insights and delivery monitoring, the Postmastery team offering hands on insight and weekly calls.

Short-term Goals:

  • Mitigate unnecessary costs
  • Migrate Multiple MTA's
  • Warm new sending domains
  • Warm new sending IP's

Long-term Goals:

  • Ensure scalable Infrastructure
  • Proactive Monitoring & Review
  • Meaningful Delivery Dashboards
  • Actionable Deliverability Insights

The Final Results:

In the end, with Postmastery advising on delivery and migration strategy and with the additional insight afforded by the Postmastery Console Spotler made significant reductions in the time to deploy a major project. Cutting deployment from 24 months to 3 saving more than £100k as a result. The Pure360 Operations no longer relies on bare metal servers, affording them all the benefits of cloud computing.

About Daniel Thorpe, Head of Deliverability, Spotler Group

Daniel Thorpe a seasoned email professional with over a decade experience in providing deliverability management at ESPs. With a history at Spotler Group companies going back more than 15 years Daniel now heads up the groups Deliverability Operations. His responsibilities include overseeing the groups PowerMTA's, delivery and deliverability. Familiar with the Postmastery UI having worked with it before, when it came to choosing a company to help provide high-quality delivery support and tooling for a platform migration he knew where to turn.

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