Improved campaign delivery acceptance rate from 85% to 99%.

Ray Sambrano
"Email standards continue to evolve – with the Postmastery Console the BusinessWatch Network can stay one step ahead with a consolidated view of key email deliverability metrics that supports faster clearance of the sending runway."

Case study with: Ray Sambrano,
Deliverability Consultant at the BusinessWatch Network

At Postmastery, we frequently discuss our services and tools with our clients to make sure we stay 100% in sync with their needs. In this case study, we share a talk with Ray Sambrano | Deliverability Consultant at the BusinessWatch Network.

1/ Could you please describe BusinessWatch Network and your activities related to email?

The BusinessWatch Network mission is to deliver high quality content to help professionals excel in all facets of their business and personal life. From productivity to work-life balance, BusinessWatch subscribers are better informed about the latest management strategies, interviewing tactics, financial trends, presentation secrets, spreadsheet shortcuts, health, travel, and a variety of old-school and new-school techniques; identified, organized, summarized, and delivered to your inbox.

The BusinessWatch Network delivers business newsletters emails, business webinars and business specific offerings in support of rapid technology change woven into the fabric of businesses across all industries.

2/ Could you please describe your initial needs/ challenges regarding deliverability management?

The BusinessWatch Network charter is to focus on providing topical content to business subscribers. The challenges faced centered around mail exchange and domain based reporting of topical content to subscribers, isolating hosted email behaviour at specific time intervals and tracking ISP reporting of bounces on various outbound circuits.

3/ Could you please tell us how the Postmastery Console and Postmastery's consultancy services assisted you with deliverability management?

Initially - the BusinessWatch Network relied on annual Delivery Analytics consultancy reports from Postmastery. This annual check-up supported key adjustments to established sending rules for the BusinessWatch Network B2B content subscribers. With the implementation of the Postmastery Console the annual check-up turned into daily insights on key sending metrics. What is most important to the BusinessWatch Network is timely delivery of topical content to business subscribers. The company is not interested in hourly sending rates – the focus is on delivering timely content at scheduled times to business subscribers. The Reputation Monitor dashboard allows the deliverability production team to easily identify IP performance behaviour, campaign delivery challenges, mail exchange provider performance and domain level details. Having daily access to this information allows the deliverability production team to clear the sending runway of impediments that impact successful email delivery. In many ways – the Postmastery Console dashboard has become the BusinessWatch Network traffic controller for deliverability.

4/ Could you please share a few before/ after metrics related to your email deliverability and results in terms of delivery performance, efficiency etc.?

One of the most important before and after email deliverability metrics I can share with you is the performance of campaigns based on hosted providers. The Deliverability Analytics dashboard highlighted the performance of campaigns sent to a hosted provider on outbound circuits. The results of the campaigns sent clearly showed IP reputation challenges for specific domain records sent on a specific outbound circuit. The first campaign send delivered at ~85%. The deliverability production team observed the sending behaviour and changed the domain records to the IP successfully delivering to domains within the campaign. The results of this change exceeded the BusinessWatch Network expectation. This small change significantly impacted the campaign acceptance rate from 85% to 99%.

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