On your personalized demo,
you'll learn how to:


  • see your email deliverability health at a glance and what to focus on first;
  • detect if a problem is caused by a bad list, bad reputation or bad content;
  • find 'typo domains' that might hurt your delivery performance;
  • detect very frequent 'deferrals for providers' by filtering on a provider and learn how to fix this;
  • track all events related to an email address to investigate if an email was delivered.

And for ESP's

  • how to find abusive senders in seconds by looking at all relevant metrics in a ‘multidimensional environment’.

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    ESPs and senders using the Postmastery's Delivery Analytics

    "The team observed the sending behaviour and changed the domain records to the IP successfully delivering to domains within the campaign. This small change impacted our acceptance rate from 85% to 99%."

    Ray Sambrano | Deliverability Consultant at BusinessWatch Network