Join us in Rennes on September 23rd and 24th, 2024, for the EMDAY by Postmastery Edition! This event will focus on the critical challenges faced by email marketers, enterprise senders, and those managing their own email infrastructure. Please find here the preliminary agenda for workshops and conferences.

Steering Through all Email Challenges
The EMDAY by Postmastery is an opportunity to dive deep into delivery and deliverability issues, sending strategies, marketing automation or even legal topics, network with peers, access exclusive content and meet the Postmastery Team. You will gain insights that can help you better manage your email infrastructure and program.

Relevant Speakerss
Participate in discussions on pressing deliverability issues faced by organizations like yours with speakers from CSA, Vade, Orange, La Poste, DMA, AFNIC and even more...

Understanding the Market
Uncover new sender requirements, best practices to optimize your deliverability or even new innovative email or marketing automation sending strategies. Representatives from the biggest French and International Mailbox Providers, as well as the biggest actors from the Email Industry will be on site and are ready to answer your questions.

Discussion Panels and Moree
The event includes discussion panels and sessions covering topics ranging from Email Delivery to Email Marketing strategies, including legal issues and email templating.



Meet The Team
Meet the people behind Postmastery, including our team of Deliverability Associates and Specialists. Most of us will be in Rennes and ready to roll up our sleeves, find out more about your deliverability challenges, and suggest ways we can help.


Maarten Oelering
Partner, CTO


Yves-Marie Le Pors-Chauvel
Marketing & Delivery Specialist


Alex Irimia
Deliverability Associate


Syed Alam
Marketing & Delivery Specialist


Olivier Moulene
Deliverabilty Specialist