Email delivery monitoring with the Postmastery Console

The Postmastery Console helps senders to improve deliverability, sender reputation and the performance of marketing and transactional emails.

By analysing every single email delivery (SMTP/ log data), blacklist data and reputation data, Delivery Analytics will pinpoint delivery problems, what you can do to fix them and how to avoid even more serious problems in the future.

Multidimensional bounce log reporting

Real-time delivery alerts

IP/ domain reputation monitoring

No guesswork; facts only

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    Postmastery Console: how does it work?

    Most senders have discovered data sources such as blacklists, sender reputation, and inbox monitoring. But many are not aware how much information is hidden in their internal transaction data. Transient SMTP errors show reputation issues long before IPs are blocked.

    Detailed bounce responses reveal why delivery rates are low. The platform processes SMTP delivery data from on-premises mail servers and SMTP providers.

    Email addresses are pseudonymised or anonymised so your data remains secure. It also reads data from Microsoft SNDS, Return Path Sender Score, Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) and relevant blacklists. There’s no need any more to manually check a collection of deliverability tools.

    Users can access an online dashboard to view reports. They also receive alerts by email in case of issues. In addition, our team of deliverability experts is available to provide support where needed.

    What our customers say...

    "We're able to monitor the delivery of emails for thousands of our users. We've been able to reach a global delivery rate of 98% solely thanks to Postmastery."

    Daniel Thorpe, Head of Deliverability, Spotler Group

    Raymond Bakken

    "The Postmastery Console allows pro-active delivery monitoring instead of troubleshooting afterwards."

    Raymond Bakken, Produktmanager & partner at; a Norwegian ESP company that develops smart networks, broad and mobile dialogue tools.

    Sarra Papadopoulou

    "Our Deliverability rates have been improved by 50% since we started working with Postmastery. We are able to detect issues either related to missing DNS, or complaints, or with clients faster than before"

    Sarra Papadopoulou, Senior Deliverability Manager at SiteCore

    Baris Egin

    "I was hunting a spammer on a shared pool for days. Postmastery Console helped me identify the spammer in one minute."

    Baris Egin, CEO/Founder at; US-based ESP which provides easy and fast email marketing for everyone.


    Postmastery Console: Features

    Multidimensional reporting
    Email delivery data can be visualised from different perspectives, e.g. senders, IPs, domains, providers, etc.

    Finds individual deliveries
    Each delivery, deferral or bounce is stored for 90 days. Finds all events related to an email address in seconds.

    Easy integration for all
    Integration with on-premises MTA’s and SMTP providers is a breeze with our server agents and webhook endpoints.

    Real-time delivery alerts
    Get instant email alerts in case of high bounce rates from specific senders or to specific providers.

    IP and domain reputation monitoring
    IP reputation is monitored using blacklists, Sender Score, and SNDS. Get alerts via email and view it in the dashboard.

    User driven development
    We use the system ourselves and work with our customers to decide which features to add next.

    No infrastructure needed
    Runs on Google Cloud, it’s a truly zero-ops solution that scales from millions to billions and beyond per month.

    High security standards
    Recipient email addresses are pseudonymised or anonymised before transfer. Data can be stored in US or in EU.

    Basic monitoring available via Nagios, Zabbix, New Relic and Datadog
    Postmastery offers some free integrations as well.

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      Postmastery respects your privacy. We will never cold -call you or share your data with others.