New customer-use case: MailPoet and Postmastery

Every day multiple ESPs and global e-commerce sites rely on Postmastery’s email deliverability expertise and tools. And MailPoet is one of them. The white paper below will give you more insights into how MailPoet and Postmastery started their collaboration and how we work together every day. Some of MailPoet’s stated important takeaways from this joint […]

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PowerMTA configuration version control

Postmastery strongly encourages the use of a version control system for PowerMTA configurations. In this blog post, we will define version control, explain why PowerMTA configuration version control is important, and give you some guidelines on how to implement this on your own PowerMTA site. Version control: what, who, when and why?

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PowerMTA 5.0: Using a proxy for email delivery

One new thing we are particularly excited about is PowerMTA 5.0 support for forward proxies: this allows delivery from IPs which don’t need to be co-located on the same server or subnet. In this blog post, we will explain this with a few use cases and introduce Postmastery’s MTA proxy for a ready-to-go solution. Use […]

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