Case study Xsarus: reliable email is crucial

Xsarus is a supplier of web applications and e-commerce applications, both of which need a well-oiled email system. Xsarus has found the solution by obtaining a PowerMTA based, bulk email sending system, says Xsarus partner Bram Hoekman. “We used to work with Postfix, a popular mail server. One of Postfix’s advantages is that it is […]

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What are the most important blacklists and how do you know if you are listed?

If you are reading this blog, you certainly know what a blacklist is. Nevertheless, we think it’s important to remember their significance in the email world and their impact on your deliverability. Blacklists are often referred to in different ways: RBL for Real-time Blackhole List or DNSBL for DNS blacklist. These terms all refer to […]

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PowerMTA: Why to choose PowerMTA for in-house email deliverability?

So you decided to take the path of in-house deliverability (see our article regarding this topic), but there is one more thing to think about: Which is the sending solution to pick out from the others? By Postmastery, we made up our mind and decided — as well as becoming both an authorized retailer and […]

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