Check your emails with

We recently launched a service to check your emails against standards, guidelines, and best practices. This service is called EmailAudit and is available on It checks DNS, envel, SPF, headers, DKIM, DMARC, and more. The results are not a simple pass or fail, but contain detailed information on compliance and suggestions for fixing. EmailAudit […]

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Email relay solution for 1-2-1 Marketing

If you are a sender providing email relay services, how do you make sure that bounces and complaints are properly handled? Often the emails are generated by applications that hand-off the delivery to a relay service but have no means for processing returning bounces. This was also a question at 1-2-1 Marketing, a Texas based […]

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About the Return-Path header

The most common error senders make is adding a Return-Path header to their mail. Even some well known mail software does this. Probably written by programmers who copy from others rather than reading RFCs (the internet standards that specify SMTP and MIME). What does the standard say about Return-Path? The following fragment is from RFC […]

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