Introducing The Postmastery Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report: A Game-Changer For The Email Industry

We at Postmastery are excited to announce that we are in the process of creating our first-ever Global Deliverability Benchmark Report. By establishing such a report, we aim to assist our clients in Performance Benchmarking and Optimisation as well as Strategy Development. As the creators of this benchmark report, we plan to aggregate data from […]

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Yahoo Postmaster(y) page

To help the sender community, we are glad to share our experiences collected over the years with some ISPs. This page is about Yahoo webmail (Yahoo postmaster) being one of the most used in the world. Postmastery is fully integrated with Yahoo’s CFL program, through its monitoring tools. We will highlight below topics: – Latest […]

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Improve Email Delivery with PowerMTA’s Defer-Job Setting

Email delivery is a critical aspect of any business’s communication strategy. However, maintaining a good reputation for your email delivery IP can be a challenge, especially when using a shared IP with multiple customers. In such a scenario, the actions of one customer with a low reputation can adversely affect the entire queue, causing delays […]

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