List-Unsubscribe header critical for sustained email delivery

In our daily work, we still encounter missing List-Unsubscribe headers in emails. Reason enough to publish another BLOG post on this topic. It has become even more important recently since Google and Yahoo now include the list-unsubscribe mechanism among their requirements. What is a List-Unsubscribe header? When subscribers want to unsubscribe from a mailing list […]

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Google & Yahoo’s February Bulk Email Policies: A Guide to Compliance

On October 3rd 2023, Google and Yahoo introduced new requirements to fight spam! This is a major change for the email industry, while, for the first time, two of the biggest Mailbox Providers announced commonly that they will apply the same restrictions to bulk senders. Who is concerned about it? For Gmail personal accounts ( […]

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Gmail Postmaster(y) page

IMPORTANT UPDATE 23/11/2023: Since November 15, Google has changed many of its SMTP answers, this blog post has been updated with these new messages. In case of any need, please reach out to the Postmastery Team. To help the sender community, we are delighted to share our extensive knowledge and experiences gained over the years […]

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