SFR Postmaster(y) page

To help the sender community, we are very happy to share our experience collected over the past years, about Mailbox providers. This article is about a historic provider in France: SFR Grand Public (,,,,, etc…). Postmastery integrates data from the aggregated Feedback Loop of SFR Grand Public, through its monitoring tool […]

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Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Postmaster(y) page

To help the sender community, we are glad to share our experiences collected over the years with some ISPs. This page is about Office 365 which is a subscription-based suite of productivity software and services developed by Microsoft. In this article we will focus on their email hosting solution: Exchange Online. We will highlight below […]

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Making the Choice: On-Prem or ESPs?

In June of this year, we were in Prague as one of the proud sponsors of the Deliverability Summit. We also took part in a great panel discussion Expert Advice from Alice Cornell, Steve Tuck of Halon, Matthew Grove of Mailchimp and our own Maarten Oelering. The discussion focussed on owning your email infrastructure. […]

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Categories: Authentication, Deliverability, General

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