Will we meet you at these events?

This year we will attend the events listed below. Join us online or face-to-face there. We look forward to seeing you for a chat or a drink and to hearing all your news. Let us know if you are planning to go to any of these. EMDAY, 24-25 May in Paris Two days devoted to […]

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HTTP based APIs and webhooks in PowerMTA 5.0

The standard protocol for transferring email is SMTP and the MIME standard is used to encode emails before transfer. As the leading email delivery engine, PowerMTA’s implementation of SMTP is extremely robust and performant. It also supports the latest SMTP extensions for internationalisation, authentication and encryption. But SMTP and MIME do not communicate well with […]

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PowerMTA & Managed Deliverability

Client case: MailPoet MailPoet was founded in 2011 in France with a simple mission: allow thousands of WordPress website owners to create and send emails from the comfort of their WordPress admin. MailPoet built a simple, intuitive, and rock solid solution to deliver their users’ emails on time, every time. Below you can read more […]

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