Gmail: Feedback Loop and postmaster page, step-by-step configuration and set up

Google’s Gmail webmail has long been at the forefront of innovation. Where the Californian giant has especially distinguished itself from its competitors are in the quality of its spam processing and its successive ergonomic innovations such as tags, categorization of emails with tabs, unsubscribe button in the interface (list-unsubscribe) and so on. On the other […]

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Case study Xsarus: reliable email is crucial

Xsarus is a supplier of web applications and e-commerce applications, both of which need a well-oiled, reliable email system. Xsarus has found the solution by obtaining a PowerMTA based, bulk email sending system, says Xsarus partner Bram Hoekman. “We used to work with Postfix, a popular mail server. One of Postfix’s advantages is that it […]

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Deliverability Alert: Orange implements Spam-report based Dynamic Filtering

As SFR did a few weeks ago, it seems that Orange follows the same path towards implementing an email dynamic filtering based on the volume of the generated complaints. This Deliverability Alert is indeed managed by VadeRetro. The anti Spam solution deployed by the main ISP’s and French Webmails, including Orange, SFR, Free and […]

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