DMARC: A new standard for domain protection

SMTP protocol is old and easy to use. It was invented before 1980 to enable email sending to private networks. Thanks to the native SMTP protocol, it is possible to send an email using the desired sender address, but this option has also created electronic communication reliability issues as, in particular, the development of phishing […]

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What DMARC means for you

A week ago DMARC went public causing a tidal wave of publicity, discussion, and fuzz. Many senders are now asking what they should do with it. In this post I will try to put things in perspective, so senders can judge better what it means for them. First of all, DMARC is not something completely […]

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Email Service Provider versus In-house

A common question among professional senders is: should I use an Email Service Provider (ESP) or can I send my emails in-house? To find a good answer can be difficult. There are a lot of ESPs and a lot of software vendors ready to help you, but where to get objective advise from? My customers […]

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