Email domains best practices

Email domains are important for identification, trust and reputation. But emails can embed many domains used for different purposes. They are listed below: IP hostname Envelope sender domain From header domain Reply-To header domain Sender header domain Message-ID domain DKIM signing domain Image URI domain(s) Link URI domain(s) This post provides some background on these […]

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SFR incoming email authentication

With the growing strength of phishing campaigns, incoming message authentication has become an important issue for ISPs to protect their users. Various standards exist to authentify outgoing email messages. Since September 2011, SFR has decided to verify the authenticity of incoming emails according to SPF standard and might be thinking of an upcoming implementation of […]

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DMARC: A new standard for domain protection

SMTP protocol is old and easy to use. It was invented before 1980 to enable email sending to private networks. Thanks to the native SMTP protocol, it is possible to send an email using the desired sender address, but this option has also created electronic communication reliability issues as, in particular, the development of phishing […]

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