Why I chose a commercial grade MTA

For sending emails, there is a wealth of solutions. On the open source side, there is Sendmail, Qmail, Exim and Postfix. Then there are a number of commercial MTAs available, at different price levels. The most well known vendors are Message Systems, Port25 and StrongMail. Postfix is a popular open source MTA thanks to it’s […]

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More companies want a self-hosted email tool

Increasingly more companies are considering having their own email infrastructure to handle bulk emails. GSMWEB.NL, the largest independent mobile competitor in the Netherlands, now operates entirely with an ‘on premises’ email solution as well. At present, 70% of companies that do marketing or send process related emails use an ESP. In some of these cases, […]

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Check your emails with emailaudit.com

We recently launched a service to check your emails against standards, guidelines, and best practices. This service is called EmailAudit and is available on emailaudit.com. It checks DNS, SPF, headers, DKIM, DMARC, and more. The results are not a simple pass or fail, but contain detailed information on compliance and suggestions for fixing. EmailAudit was […]

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