Deliverability Alert: Orange implements Spam-report based Dynamic Filtering

As SFR did a few weeks ago, it seems that Orange follows the same path towards implementing an email dynamic filtering based on the volume of the generated complaints. This Deliverability Alert is indeed managed by VadeRetro. The anti Spam solution deployed by the main ISP’s and French Webmails, including Orange, SFR, Free and

Thanks to VadeRetro technologies, French ISP’s are adopting— just like the world’s well-known Webmails— a Spam filter based on sender’s reputation and hence aiming to protect their email infrastructure.

With this in mind, Orange implemented this feature as of yesterday, and it seems that several email senders are involved. It is important to remember that the complaint-rate volume is significantly relevant when filtering emails from either a specific IP address, a sender’s domain name, (FROM field), or a particular campaign.

The aforesaid is quite relevant if we consider that nowadays, ISP’s are fully capable of identifying a complaint-generating campaign from receivers, regardless of the ongoing routing platform.

Therefore, it is useless to reconvey filtered email traffic towards another router. The latter will be automatically identified and filtered alike.

Today, besides Orange and SFR, this feature has been also deployed by

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