Interspire bounce processing add-on for PowerMTA

Interspire is perhaps the most popular email marketing tool. Used with PowerMTA, it becomes a powerful and complete email solution. But the two were not integrated with regard to bounce processing. Until now.

Postmastery regularly set up turn-key email systems based on Interspire and PowerMTA. The systems were complemented by a POP/IMAP server so bounce mails could be delivered to a mailbox. A dedicated POP/IMAP server is necessary as spam filtering and quota limits make a normal hosted mailbox unsuitable. Interspire then retrieves the bounce mails from the mailbox using the standard POP3 protocol.

Our new Interspire bounce processing add-on integrates directly with PowerMTA’s accounting data. This cuts out the need to generate, store and decode bounce mails. Delivery errors are just written to the accounting files and are processed directly by Interspire. This is not only much more efficient, but it also leverages PowerMTA’s bounce categorisation.

After delivery, emails can still bounce further upstream and result in a so called remote bounce. These bounce mails are collected by PowerMTA and decoded with its remote bounce processing feature. The new Interspire add-on fully leverages this functionality by reading remote bounce information from the same accounting files.

Accurate bounce classification is very important. Because PowerMTA’s bounce matching is fully configurable it can be adapted to the local environment and regularly tuned for optimal accuracy. This is useful if the existig rules fail to classify errors from local domains or in a local language.

More information Interspire and PowerMTA?

This new add-on extends the range of Interspire add-ons offered by Postmastery. Contact us if you would like to know more about this or other Interspire add-ons.

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