Message Systems acquires Port25 (PowerMTA)

Two weeks ago, Message Systems announced the acquisition of Port25, marker of the popular PowerMTA. Message Systems is the world’s main supplier of emailing infrastructures, running circa 20% of the world’s legitimate email.

This purchase means an important milestone in the email sending arenamessage systems logo. Both enterprises offer on-premise solutions to the world’s most massive emailing senders, having as current customers renowned companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Paypal, American Express. On the other hand, Port25 customer base is also comprised of brands including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SmartFocus, Microsoft, Mailchimp and many French ESPs.

We already know that Port25 staff will be quickly merged to that of Message Systems, with both companies headquarters set off just a few miles away.

Besides their different economical structures, features and customer base, these two companies should face no major obstacle to progress easily through this process. As an official PowerMTA reseller, DeliverNow will keep you updated regarding new features and improvements of these services.

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