Postmastery joins Signal Spam

Postmastery is becoming a member of Signal Spam to ensure our clients have maximum visibility into reputational threats and complaints emanating from the french eco-system.

Signal Spam is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting against electronic messaging abuse, including spam, phishing, and malicious email content. It was founded in 2005 and is based in Paris, France. Signal Spam works with public and private sector organisations to develop strategies and initiatives to combat spam, as well as providing an online forum for stakeholders to discuss the issue.

What is Signal Spam?

Signal Spam is a FR Association regrouping Advertisers/Publishers (Planet Media, Leboncoin, CCM Benchmark), authorities (Police, Gendarmerie and CNIL), filters (Vade Secure), ESP (NP6, Splio, SendInBlue, Actito, and others) and Mailbox Providers (Orange, SFR and in order to help protecting Customers/Internet Users from Spam and Phishing.
Through its members, the association is working on Best Practices to clean all Email activity.

Why join Signal Spam?

Becoming a Signal Spam member is a real opportunity for Postmastery to get closer to the FR Email Ecosystem and reinforce our position as an actor helping his customers to adopt the best practices to reach the best performances. It will also be an opportunity for Postmastery to participate in Signal Spam activity, which we are already doing with M3AAWG, CSA and DMA France.

What is the gain for our customers?

Before joining Signal Spam, we were blind about complaints coming from our customers, so it was complicated to prevent any blocking issue. We can now access some aggregate data that will complete the Postmastery's Reputation Monitor and help Postmastery's Deliverability Engineers provide the best recommendations to our customers in order to optimise their practices, to reduce the volume of complaints they are generating and avoid any blocking issues. The data is now available in our updated Postmastery Console.

This is also a way to help our customers to be able to become Signal Spam members themselves in order to access the Signal Spam FBL to make the association getting stronger.

More information
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