PowerMTA 5.0 released

On 17 September, PowerMTA 5.0r1 was released. This is the first general availability (GA) release. Before this release PowerMTA 5.0 was tested in a long beta programme.

Various new PowerMTA features

Probably the biggest change since 4.5 is the completely new web monitor. The web interface is now a modern ‘single page application’ (SPA). The content is updated in real time without periodic page refresh. It also shows recent activity in time-based charts.

A modern ‘single page application’ (SPA).

PowerMTA 5.0 also embraces web standards such as REST and JSON. Emails can now be submitted over HTTP, similar to the Sparkpost Transmissions API. Inbound emails can now be received using a HTTP webhook.

Another interesting addition is DANE support. This is a new standard to prevent eavesdropping by downgrading TLS or impersonating receivers.

As early as 2016 PowerMTA had introduced automatic roll-up based on MX records. This is a significant improvement in connection handling. But IP warm up was still done at domain level. In 5.0, the warm up volume can also be specified at provider level.

One new thing we are particularly excited about is support for forward proxies. This allows delivery over IPs which don’t need to be co-located on the same server or subnet. We will write about possible use cases and example set-ups in a future post.

PowerMTA experts available for assistance

There are many more improvements. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the release notes and the changelog or contact our support desk. We can also help you with upgrading to PowerMTA 5.0.

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