Warming sender reputation fast and getting it right!

Warming IP and domain reputation does not need to take months - there are many things you can do to speed up the process. Even a large enterprise sender can warm a range of IPs and domains in weeks. Proper preparation, planning and tools are essential to warm up your sender reputation.

Enterprise senders often hear they need to spend months warming their sender reputation. This is only true if they do not have the right team, tools and planning in place.

Postmastery has extensive experience in assisting senders and ESPs with migrating email infrastructure. With that experience comes an understanding of how to optimise every step of the process. We often arrange major migrations and reputation warm ups for enterprise clients.

Puer360 & Postmastery

Read our recent case study pure360 with Daniel Thorpe
of Spotler Group.
We assisted Pure360 with its email migration earlier this year.

So what are the secrets to a successful and speedy migration?

Ensuring you have everything you need organised and at hand is a must.

Well maintained lists

We need to work with well-maintained, permission-based email lists. Good list hygiene and well maintained bounce management are a must. We need to ensure that we only work with valid email addresses. And finally, we should only send relevant messages to permission-based recipients.

The correct tools

It's important to have the right tools at your disposal. There are various deliverability dashboards that can help monitor an email migration. But only Postmastery's Dashboard gives a side-by-side comparison of your old and new platform. It allows you to view warming IPs and domains and compare them to old IPs on different systems and platforms! This is invaluable, as having this information at your fingertips means you can easily see where you can expedite email migrations whilst maintaining your sender reputation.

Have the right team in place

Warming always requires increasing the volume of email you send from an IP address over the course of days and weeks. You should approach this according to each ISP. Prepare and segment your lists. Identify potentially problematic senders.

Knowing what works comes with experience, no one has more expertise than Postmastery. We have performed more enterprise migrations than any other deliverability consultants.

Read the case study here. Find out more about our managed email infrastructure services here.

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