Case study Xsarus: reliable email is crucial

Xsarus is a supplier of web applications and e-commerce applications, both of which need a well-oiled, reliable email system. Xsarus has found the solution by obtaining a PowerMTA based, bulk email sending system, says Xsarus partner Bram Hoekman.

“We used to work with Postfix, a popular mail server. One of Postfix’s advantages is that it is free. It is a good solution for general applications such as company emails. But in our experience, it is advisable for companies that need to send large quantities of emails to find a different system.”

Reliable email system

We build e-commerce applications in which email plays an important role. Every transactionnel or marketing email should reach the inbox. And should an email not arrive, our clients at the very least need to know the reason for the non-delivery.

ISPs: individual policies

Postfix emphasises filtering emails and distributing incoming messages. It also views all outgoing emails as identical. While you may be using different internet providers (domains), each of which has their own policies. Should a mass sending face a blockage somewhere along the line, the entire sending will be disrupted with all the resulting time and human resources needed to get it going again.

Seamless business case

This is why we started to look for an in-house email system based on PowerMTA that is able to make a seamless business case. And we found it. PowerMTA allows for parameters to be set for each domain’s specific sending policies. PowerMTA’s VirtualMTAs technology enables granular delivery rate shaping parameters on a per domain and/or per email stream basis, reducing the risk of disruption in our email flow. Furthermore we have managed to dramatically reduce management costs by cutting 30 Postfix installations to just one PowerMTA installation. Another advantage is that PowerMTA can easily be integrated into the systems that we build ourselves.

Even though Xsarus is not an Email Service Provider, this new solution means that we can easily measure ourselves against dedicated Email Service Providers. And we can do this while keeping our hands free to do the things that we are good at!

Good advice and implementation

When we transferred to PowerMTA, the Postmastery team supported us very professionally. Not only did Postmastery supply the required software,  it also helped with the migration from Postfix, the implementation of PowerMTA and the complete warming of new IPs. Good support in these types of processes is crucial. It is not enough to just buy a product. Postmastery kept tabs on the situation and is now helping us foresee any potential future email delivery problems by offering expert email delivery monitoring services and solutions!

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