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CSA Summit 2019 (April 10 – 12) Postmastery sponsors CSA, and we are pleased to again attend the CSA Summit 2019 in Cologne. CSA and Postmastery share a common objective: reliable and safe email delivery. CSA enables this by providing a whitelist and related legal and compliancy services. At Postmastery, we enable this common objective […]

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List-Unsubscribe header critical for sustained email delivery

In our daily work, we still encounter missing List-Unsubscribe headers in emails. Reason enough to publish another BLOG post on this important topic. Specially for PowerMTA users, we released an interesting add-on to streamline MAILTO unsubscribe requests. What is a List-Unsubscribe header? When subscribers want to unsubscribe from a mailing list and the unsubscribe process […]

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Proper MIME prevents DKIM failures in Outlook

At Postmastery, we work for various ESPs and brands to optimise email delivery. Recently, one of our clients faced a mysterious DKIM failure when sending mail to domains. (A generic explanation of what DKIM is and how it works is available on Analysing SMTP headers First thing we did was to analyse the client’s […]

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