Meet your deliverability peers at the Port25 summit, 20 September 2018, Amsterdam

This year too, Postmastery is the Premier Platinum Sponsor of the Port25 Summit. As co-organiser Postmastery’s complete team will be there to meet you. The Port25 Summit will be a highly interactive event. It brings together industry representatives, email deliverability experts, technology vendors, and senior email professionals to explore and discuss the trends that will […]

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Postmastery supports SendGrid clients with template for multiple webhook endpoints

Postmastery provides delivery monitoring and optimisation services on top of various email delivery environments. Sometimes we offer this service on top of on-premises MTA (like PowerMTA or EmailSuccess) and sometimes on top of cloud-based ESP’s (like Mailchimp or Smartfocus). A prerequisite of delivery monitoring and optimization services, is to get the right data points like […]

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ISP information:

Postmastery assists various senders every day with delivery monitoring tools and consultancy services. In order to assist the global email senders community, we are happy to share some ISP specific information we collected over the last few years. This blog post looks at some more details, this time related to Orange: the biggest French ESP […]

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