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To help the sender community, we are very happy to share our experience collected over the past years, about Mailbox providers. This article is about a historic provider in France: SFR Grand Public (,,,,, etc…). Postmastery integrates data from the aggregated Feedback Loop of SFR Grand Public, through its monitoring tool […]

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Making the Choice: On-Prem or ESPs?

In June of this year, we were in Prague as one of the proud sponsors of the Deliverability Summit. We also took part in a great panel discussion Expert Advice from Alice Cornell, Steve Tuck of Halon, Matthew Grove of Mailchimp and our own Maarten Oelering. The discussion focussed on owning your email infrastructure. […]

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Introducing The Postmastery Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report: A Game-Changer For The Email Industry

We at Postmastery are excited to announce that we are in the process of creating our first-ever Global Deliverability Benchmark Report. By establishing such a report, we aim to assist our clients in Performance Benchmarking and Optimisation as well as Strategy Development. As the creators of this benchmark report, we plan to aggregate data from […]

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