Introducing The Postmastery Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report: A Game-Changer For The Email Industry

We at Postmastery are excited to announce that we are in the process of creating our first-ever Global Deliverability Benchmark Report. By establishing such a report, we aim to assist our clients in Performance Benchmarking and Optimisation as well as Strategy Development.

As the creators of this benchmark report, we plan to aggregate data from across our entire user network, always ensuring it remains anonymised to maintain client confidentiality. For those who wish to opt-in to the program, we are thrilled to offer enhanced early access to the report once it's released. In the next couple of weeks when you log in to the Postmastery Console you will have the opportunity to opt-in at no charge, giving you early access to the unabridged report for free.

So, why create a Deliverability Benchmark Report?

Unlike the traditional Email Marketing Benchmarks, which are already in existence, we've noticed a conspicuous absence of a useful or meaningful Email Deliverability Benchmark. This gap prompted us to create a reliable standard for senders. Our report aims to improve sender performance by shedding light on sender behaviours and providing key metrics relevant to the Email Industry.

What does the scope of our Deliverability Benchmark Report look like?

The report analyses Mailbox providers' key metrics, market shares, and commonly seen SMTP Replies - vital information to strategize around greater email deliverability. KPI’s for every Mailbox provider include Delivery Rate, Deferred Rate, Bounce Rate, and Average Delivery Time.

Next Steps

Our next steps: In two weeks, we will communicate with all dashboard users asking for their consent to process hashed data, which will be used to generate the aggregate (statistical) benchmark results.

This endeavour is part of our ongoing commitment to provide leading-edge services that aid in optimising our clients' email delivery. The Postmastery Global Email Deliverability Benchmark is set to revolutionise the way you approach your email strategy. Keep an eye out for further communication - and get ready to reach new email marketing heights!

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