Check your (Power)MTA settings: Numericable and Noos MXs records moved to SFR

In 2014, French ISPs Numericable and SFR merged to become the Altice France group. Numericable was itself the result of a merger between NC Numericable and Noos in 2007.   Up to now, mailboxes at these ISPs were managed independently using different MXs and anti-spam protection. Noos and Numericable domains on one end and SFR domains […]

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Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) ready for take off?

BIMI is the new open standard for visualising your brand in the recipient’s mailbox with an image. Why BIMI? The new standard uses DMARC, leading some to call BIMI ‘DMARC 2.0’. While almost all previous authentication and identification methods work in the background, BIMI is the first to really try to visualise and strengthen your […]

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Proper MIME prevents DKIM failures in Outlook

At Postmastery, we work for various ESPs and brands to optimise email delivery. Recently, one of our clients faced a mysterious DKIM failure when sending mail to domains. (A generic explanation of what DKIM is and how it works is available on Analysing SMTP headers First thing we did was to analyse the client’s […]

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