Meet your deliverability peers at the Port25 summit, 20 September 2018, Amsterdam

This year too, Postmastery is the Premier Platinum Sponsor of the Port25 Summit. As co-organiser Postmastery’s complete team will be there to meet you. The Port25 Summit will be a highly interactive event. It brings together industry representatives, email deliverability experts, technology vendors, and senior email professionals to explore and discuss the trends that will […]

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AOL and Yahoo merge could impact your email delivery and MTA

A few weeks ago, AOL reported that AOL and Yahoo will come together under the OATH umbrella and merge with the Yahoo email infrastructure to serve both brands. This happened on 20 February 2018, and now all the AOL recipient domains’ MX, including the following, will point to – – – […]

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Case study – Why typo domains can cause severe email delivery issues

In our daily email delivery monitoring activities, we recently saw the damage that typo domains can do. In this case study, simple typos in domains caused severe email delivery issues. We will recap what happened and how we solved the issue. Hopefully, other senders can avoid this kind of situation in the future. Postmastery, we […]

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