Check your (Power)MTA settings: Numericable and Noos MXs records moved to SFR

In 2014, French ISPs Numericable and SFR merged to become the Altice France group. Numericable was itself the result of a merger between NC Numericable and Noos in 2007.   Up to now, mailboxes at these ISPs were managed independently using different MXs and anti-spam protection. Noos and Numericable domains on one end and SFR domains […]

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List-Unsubscribe header critical for sustained email delivery

In our daily work, we still encounter missing List-Unsubscribe headers in emails. Reason enough to publish another BLOG post on this important topic. Specially for PowerMTA users, we released an interesting add-on to streamline MAILTO unsubscribe requests. What is a List-Unsubscribe header? When subscribers want to unsubscribe from a mailing list and the unsubscribe process […]

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Webinar PMTA insights

The Future of PowerMTA with Postmastery & Port25. Watch our joint PMTA webinar. On Tuesday 6 November, Postmastery and Port25 held a joint PMTA webinar. The PMTA webinar was a great success. Three panellists took part in an open conversation about the future of PowerMTA and the next steps. They answered questions from the PowerMTA […]

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