Email relay solution for 1-2-1 Marketing

If you are a sender providing email relay services, how do you make sure that bounces and complaints are properly handled? Often the emails are generated by applications that hand-off the delivery to a relay service but have no means for processing returning bounces. This was also a question at 1-2-1 Marketing, a Texas based […]

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Interspire bounce processing add-on for PowerMTA

Interspire is perhaps the most popular email marketing tool. Used with PowerMTA, it becomes a powerful and complete email solution. But the two were not integrated with regard to bounce processing. Until now. Postmastery regularly set up turn-key email systems based on Interspire and PowerMTA. The systems were complemented by a POP/IMAP server so bounce […]

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DKIM recipe for PowerMTA

DomainKeys, and it’s successor DKIM, are important email authentication techniques. Based on cryptography, they are more secure than SPF and Sender ID. With DomainKeys/DKIM the integrity of the content is also protected and authentication does not break when emails are being forwarded. DomainKeys/DKIM is used by large webmail providers such as Google, Yahoo and AOL. […]

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