Postmastery and DeliverNow Announce Merger

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Paris, France – 09 May 2017 – Postmastery BV (“Postmastery”) and DeliverNow Inc. (“DeliverNow”), leading providers of email deliverability services and solutions, today announced the merger of the two companies.

European Market Leader in deliverability

Since 2007, DeliverNow and Postmastery have offered some of the most innovative and successful email deliverability services and solutions that address the needs of high volume email senders across the globe. The new company will become the undisputed European market leader with over 200 customers in more than 30 countries. It will cover the full spectrum of the email delivery lifecycle, including the sending infrastructure (such as PowerMTA), email security (DMARC), deliverability monitoring and optimisation services and tools.

“Postmastery and DeliverNow have collaborated on several projects in the past. This merger is a perfect fit since DeliverNow and Postmastery perform similar activities, but in different countries,” said Jérôme Gays, founder of DeliverNow. “This is an incredible opportunity to upgrade and expand our combined email delivery monitoring tools and knowledge in the email delivery industry.”

“We celebrate this milestone today as we merge with our highly-regarded French peer, DeliverNow,” said Maarten Oelering, co-founder and CTO of Postmastery. “Combined under the Postmastery umbrella, we will draw on our extensive email delivery experience to push the boundaries of email deliverability innovation while remaining true to delivering outstanding technology, capabilities and service to the email industry.”

The merger is effective today, and the companies’ business operations will be merged over the next year. The combined company will be privately held and operate under existing brands.

About DeliverNow

DeliverNow is an independent deliverability company based in France since 2010. DeliverNow helps emails senders deliver emails into the recipient’s inbox. It does this while respecting the best practices ecosystem and by offering deliverability monitoring tools and services to the European email market. DeliverNow developed DMS (Deliverability Monitoring Suite), a deliverability monitoring solution based on Splunk that gives senders a real-time view of their email deliverability performances.

About Postmastery

Postmastery helps legitimate email senders to be recognised as trustworthy senders to ensure email delivery to inboxes. Postmastery is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Its world-wide client base includes email service providers (ESPs), marketing agencies and other professional senders. Postmastery is a global implementation partner of Port25 in providing PowerMTA licences, integration services, local support, deliverability optimisation and monitoring services.

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